Sailing to Samsø

Last year I supposed to sail with T, his dad and his dad’s friend. It was cancel. Luckily, we could go this year. I had never been sailing before. My host family back in the Netherlands actually offered me to go sail with them in Friesland. But I would like to have my own plan… Continue reading Sailing to Samsø


Wedding Party in Paris

A couple of months ago, T and I met up in Paris for a wedding party. Two weeks prior, he went to Marseille for another wedding party. I didn’t join. But I accompanied him for the second wedding. It was his friend from university. So I took a late-night flixbus to Paris and met T… Continue reading Wedding Party in Paris

24 Hours in Gdansk

Last Easter, I found a cheap ticket to Gdansk from Copenhagen. With hesitation, I asked my boyfriend if he would like to tag along with me in exploring Gdansk. After some consideration, he said yes. He told his family that he would go with me to Gdansk, and his sister asked, “Why would you go… Continue reading 24 Hours in Gdansk

A Swedish Summer House

T's parents have a summer house around 30 minutes from Hässleholm station. I visited twice last year and came back this month for Easter break. I was actually really stunned the first time I saw this house. So traditional. I asked T's dad why swedish houses are red -he said they got the paint from… Continue reading A Swedish Summer House

A Routine Visit to Copenhagen

Since our long-distance started last August, I have visited Copenhagen once every one or two months. It is just easier for me to travel there, as my study is very flexible, instead of my boyfriend travelling here. At some point, I hate the long journey. Oh, boy, Enschede is so far from the airport! And… Continue reading A Routine Visit to Copenhagen

Cooking story: A whole new level

If you read my previous post -everyone can cook, ; I said I couldn't cook at all. I just never cook. My mom did it. I had no urgency at all to cook. Sometimes she even made me stay away from it and just do the dishes instead, haha. I came to the Netherland basically… Continue reading Cooking story: A whole new level

Cyprus, again?

I know I have been missing for a couple of months. Uni is just crazy hectic. I really would like to update stuff regularly, but I can't really make it happen. Sometimes, I reread my blog and feel: Oh, what a time! I like the nostalgic feeling. Thus I want to keep on writing. But,… Continue reading Cyprus, again?

Uni Lyfe

I am not gonna continue part 2 here, maybe another time. I just feel like documenting my university life. It's been a month now that I'm in the netherlands. The university has been difficult lol. I still really need to adapt and discipline myself. A lot of self study -so i feel like freedom sometimes… Continue reading Uni Lyfe

Chasing University – Part 1

Hello. On this post as promised I will tell you how I managed to get scholarship and will start my study in September. Disclaimer: I don't want to be sounded like I am the most miserable person or that you have to pity me. I am just sharing my story. As background, my family is… Continue reading Chasing University – Part 1